As you may have found out by now, the internet is changing how we do business, such as how we interact with suppliers and serve our customers, how we manage our human resources, accounting and payroll, and how we expand markets and improve efficiencies.

Some companies do not sell anything over the internet, but they are becoming part of e-business by leveraging the internet to improve and streamline business processes and integrating solutions with suppliers and partners.

GrpSys will assist you in building your e-business by integrating your existing business applications into a web application. For example, you have an existing customer ordering service program that keeps track of your customers' orders. If a customer wants to find out about his or her order, he or she would have to call you to get that information. Now by leveraging this system to the internet, a customer can log in to the site using an assigned user name and password and view the status of his or her order at any time. By doing this, you improved efficiency and lowered the service cost.

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