Integrated Sales Management - ISM specializes in development and deployment enterprise relationships information systems. GrpSys has been an integral part of ISM's move towards e-business application development. Developing upon the client's existing application running MS SQL 6.5 database and utilizing ASP, GrpSys developed a site which allowed the users to login and access the database through the web. In addition, the users have the capability to run reports based on specific criteria.

InfoTec Solutions - A premier ISP and Network solutions provider. GrpSys is the development and software integration strategic partner.

KMC Signing Services - KMC Signing Services is a nation-wide traveling notary services in 50 states with over 6,500 signers who provide fast, professional service to homeowners who are in the process of refinancing their current properties. GrpSys is a vital technology partner of KMC. We have developed their on-line B-2-B order entry and tracking web application. Through a secure and password protected environment, users can log on at any time to put new order, track new or processed orders, view pipe-line schedule, and generate executive reports. To build this application, we utilized ASP, HTML, and SQL Server. In addition, GrpSys offers its eRDBA, its remote database administration services. - A unique and innovative dating site. GrpSys is the lead backend database design and implementation partner. We wrote all of the dynamic database driven pages. In addition, we provide our eRDBA services to monitor and administer their SQL Server 7.0 database.

Bradshaw International - Kitchen tools and supplies distributor. GrpSys organized and taught ASP and web application development techniques to their IS staff. In addition, we are in the process of becoming their development partner. - GrpSys developed their asp pages. We are currently assisting them with the whole site redesign, development, and training. - GrpSys is the software systems integration partner to We integrated the EXE inventory program, Accounting system, and the UPS tracking system into a simple web application where their clients can login to, and view the inventory movements and products at hand 24x7. GrpSys is involved in maintenance and administration of their MS SQL Server and custom reports development.

Verimar Communications - GrpSys is the technology and development partner. Currently, we are in process of designing their web application portal for real time video streaming. We have developed and designed a scheduling/calendar module for users to schedule live events and invite others to join for viewing. This project utilizes MS SQL Server 7 as the back-end database engine and ASP, HTML, and Real Audio/Real Video for the front end. - GrpSys designed and developed an ecommerce web site for consumers to purchase Christmas trees, wreaths, and accessories. In addition, we have integrated the UPS Tracking system for the consumers to track their shipment.

MSM Capital - GrpSys designed and developed a stand-alone Visual Basic Application to integrate with the existing Goldmine MS SQL 7 database to automatically send requests to Experian and Equifax Credit Bureaus. Upon some business rules, the information is tracked. In addition, we assisted them with MS DTS, data modeling and performance tuning.

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